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Jean (Bernard) Agélou

* October 16th 1878, Alexandria (Egypt)
† August 2nd 1921, Gien/Loiret (France)

Thanks to the research of Jean Pierre Bourgeron and Christian Bourdon we know some biographical information about Jean Agélou, a photographer at Paris between about 1905 to 1921. From 1905 on Jean Agélou was a main photographer for the magazine "LÈtude Académique", published by the Librairie d'Art technique, Paris. In 1908 he owned his main photo studio at Rue Armand Gauthier at Paris.

Jean Agélou is well known among collectors of erotic postcards for his numerous studio series of tasteful semi-nude and nude photographs in mostly romantic settings, which show typical landscape backgrounds and beautiful Art Nouveau props. His favorite model was a young woman, most probably identified as "Miss Fernande". She got portrayed in several series for a longer period of time, which shows her development from a young girl to a mature and more voluptuous woman. Her later modeling career was most probably photographed by Jean's brother Georges Agélou and published with the signatur logo "GA", while Jean Agélou focussed more on landscape photography.

Postcards of the studio Agélou mostly show the signature JA, J.A. Paris, sometimes MAT J.A. Paris. Some of the later work got also published with the signatures GA (Georges Agélou) or GP. We found evidence, that sometimes photos from the same photo-session were published either with the logo GA or the logo GP.
Some postcards of other publishers of Agélou's work show logos like "Leo" or "Lydia".

On August 2nd 1921, Jean Agélou and his brother Georges died in a car accident in the department Loiret.

We found no photos of Jean or Georges Agélou in the mentioned references, other books about photographers, or by web-research.


Jean Agélou

Biography by
Christian Bourdon & Jean-Pierre Bourgeron


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