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Jean Pierre Bourgeron, Christian Bourdon
Jean Agélou
De l'academisme à la photographie de charme

Éditions Marval, Paris 2006

190 pages, numerous b&w / sepia images;
French language

Another fascinating book by Jean Pierre Bourgeron about a forgotten photographer of the Belle Epoque.
Jean Agélou was one of the most famous and most productive photographers of erotic photography in Paris of the late 19th and early 20th century. Numerous of his series got printed on widely sold postcard series for collectors of erotic photography.
This gorgeous book shows his work with lots of large format reproductions of his "JA"-signed postcards. It highlights his favorite model "Miss Fernande" in an own chapter.
So far it got published only in French language, but for readers interested in vintage erotic postcards, this book is one of the best.



Jean Agélou


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