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Within the business of oriental and ethnic postcards and colonial photography at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, there were the following main publishers in France:

  • Levy Sons & Co (Levy et ses Fils)
  • Frères Neurdein (ND Phot.)
  • Levy & Neurdein Réunis
  • Lehnert & Landrock
  • Jean Geiser (former Alary & Geiser)
  • Collection Idéale P.S.

Étienne Neurdein (1832-1918) and Antoine-Louis Neurdein (1846-1915) established their photographic atelier 1863 in Paris, 52 Avenue de Breteuil. Postcards published by the Frères Neurdein showed the signatures or logos ND Phot. or ND.

Moyse Leon and Isaac Levy founded their photographic atelier in 1862 (1864?) and captioned their postcards with the signature/logo L.L.
After M. Leon left the company in 1872, the atelier firmed under the name J. Levy & Cie. In 1895, Levy's sons Abraham Lucien and Gaspard Ernest took over the company, and it was renamed into Levy Sons & Co or Levy Fils & Cie. While Gaspard Ernest focused on photography, Lucien promoted the growing postcard business of the studio, still keeping the L.L. signature.
In about 1917, Levy Fils & Cie was bought by the printer Émile Crété, also owner of the former studio Frères Neurdein. In 1920 he founded the new company called Levy & Neurdein Réunis. After passing into the Compagnie Alsacienne des Arts Photomecaniques in 1932, it was bought by Roger Viollet Photographic Agency in 1967.

The photographer Rudolf Franz Lehnert and his partner Ernst Heinrich Landrock started their photographic atelier and business 1904 in Tunis. During World War I, all their material got confiscated by the French government. After the war and moving from Switzerland to Egypt, they re-established their studio in Cairo in 1924. The published postcards of their photographic work showed the L&L signature/logo.
Later in 1930 Lehnert moved to Tunisia and opened an own photo studio in Tunis.

The Swiss family Geiser, beginning with Julie Geiser and her partner Jean-Baptiste Antoine Alary founded a photographic atelier in Algier in 1852. Later in 1874 Jean Geiser took over the company of his mother, after having established his own photographic atelier in Algier in the late 1860s. Under his ownership, the Atelier Geiser grew to the leading publisher of postcards in Algeria. The postcards usually show the caption "J. Geiser, Alger" or "Jean Geiser, phot. - Alger" without a specific logo.

Collection Idéale P.S. was a postcard publisher founded by P. Satrango and E. Le Deley in 1902 for several different photographers, mainly for postcards from Algeria, but also from other African countries.





Jean Geiser


Jean Geiser


Lehnert & Landrock


Lehnert & Landrock


ND Phot


Collection Idéale P.S.


Collection Régence



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