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Jean (Théophile) Geiser

* April 7th 1848, La-Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland)
† September 7th 1923, Algier (Algeria)

Jean Geiser, a photographer in Algier, was known mostly for his oriental and erotic photographs. Publishing his photographs on numerous postcards supported his success..
His parents had moved to Algeria in the 1850s. After the death of his father Lucien Jacob (†1852) and his two brothers (Louis Frédéric,†1868; Lucien James, †1872), both working in the atelier of his mother Julie Geiser and her partner Jean-Baptiste Antoine Alary, his mother Julie returned to Switzerland. Jean Geiser founded his own photographic atelier in Algier in the late 1860s at Rue Bab-Azoun 7, and took over the company of Alary & Geiser in 1874. Geiser's studio evolved to one of the most known and successful photo-studios in Algeria, with a subsidiary in Blida. Next to his studio photography, he covered all aspects of colonial photography on travels throughout the country. His business flourished especially by the success of printed photo postcards, which got more and more popular at the end of the 19th century. In France he gained high reputation as a photographer of orientalist and colonial photography and won several prizes and gold medals at photographic competitions, i.e. gold medal at Amsterdam 1892 and at the Exposition Internationale in Nice in 1901.




Jean Geiser

Jean Geiser
(taken from: J-C. Humbert: Jean Geiser)


advertisement by Jean Geiser

advertisement of atelier Jean Geiser
(taken from: J-C. Humbert: Jean Geiser)


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Jean-Charles Humbert - Jean Geiser - Photographe - Éditeur d'art

Jean-Charles Humbert
Jean Geiser:
Photographe - Éditeur d'art

Belles Algériennes de Geiser

Leyla Belkaid
Belles Algériennes de Geiser

Jean Geiser - Cabinet Card - backside

backside of a Cabinet Card by Atelier Jean Geiser

backside of a Carte de Visite by Atelier Jean Geiser

Jean Geiser - La Danse

J. Geiser, phot, Alger 486 - La danse

J. Geiser, Alger 263 - Bédouine

J. Geiser, phot. - Alger - 444 - Jeune femme du Sud

J. Geiser, phot. - Alger - 142 - Algérie - Femme du Sud

J. Geiser, Alger - 424 - Algérie - Danseuse du Sud

J. Geiser - Alger - 272 - Femme du Sud

J. Geiser, Alger - 31 - La Danse

J. Geiser, Alger - 403 - Jeune fille de Constantine

J. Geiser, Alger - 4 - Jeune Fille du Sud Algérien

J. Geiser, phot. - Alger - 571 - Mauresque, costume interieur

J. Geiser, phot. - Alger - 461 - Femmes-dans-leur-interieur

J. Geiser, phot. - Alger - 98 - Femmes-du Sud

J. Geiser, Alger - 290 - Belle Fathma



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