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On this page we show a few postcards of Miss LiIly by unknown publishers, or postcards which show no publisher's signature.

Nevertheless her dresses and the backgrounds and props resemble to postcard series of known publishers of Miss Lily, i.e. A.N. Paris.


Miss Lily

Miss Lily

ABM 101

Miss Lily

unknown publisher (probably AN Paris)

Miss Lily

unknown publisher - 525

The postcard ABM 101 upper left side shows Miss Lily in the same dress as on the postcard from PBH No. 6307. There are signs of an eradicated signature under the ABM logo. As far as we can assume, signature would seem most similar to the "J.A. Paris" signature.

The postcard at the upper right side looks very similar to the series No. 1287 by AN Paris (Alfred Noyer). But we can't see any signs of an eradicated signature.

Styling and background of the postcard No. 525 on the left side looks like a postcard from the publisher PBH.
But usually their signature logo is far out on the right bottom, and the numeration of our postcards by PBH
is from 6307 to 6342.

Miss Lily

J. ?. Paris 301



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