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Miss Jeanne Juilla

* 1909 (?) Villeneuve-Sur-Lot / Garonne (France)
† ?

In 1930/31 Jeanne Juilla was winner of three beauty pageants: Miss Garonne (1930), Miss France and Miss Europe (1931).

“My greatest ambition is to make my mother happy. I will not go on the stage or screen. Just a few weeks ago I saw a large city for the first time—Paris!”
(Jeanne Juilla, Miss Europe 1931: Time Magazine, Feb. 16, 1931)

At that time it was said that she was 21 1/2 years old according to “The Straits Times; April 18th, 1931" and other findings. This would mean that her year of birth was probably 1909-1910. She was above average in height with hazel eyes of bluish/greenish/grey, and dark hair. She worked as a dress maker with her mother in a small business in Villeneuve-Sur-Lot, where she spent the greater part of her life, according to “The Straits Times, 18 April 1931”

It was a standard for the winners of such beauty-pageants to have several types of photo shoots, and some were in nude. It can be assumed that some erotic photographs were made of the contestants. Some of the photographers were Alfred Noyer Studios or Julian Mandel. Her photos were published mostly by PC Paris, but also A.N., Corona, Super and Léo de Pradet.

It seems that in some of the erotic photos Jeanne Juilla is younger than during her Miss France and Miss Europe time. Is it possible these were taken years before her contests? Her face appears in some to be more full, and in others more slender. With her classic and elegant style, characteristic haircut and wearing long pearl necklaces she is easily distinguishable from other postcard models. In the beginning, before we discovered the above mentioned informations, we had given her the nickname Miss Perle.

Jeanne Juilla loved dance, sports and swimming. She also modeled for designer clothing, lingerie and hair advertisements.

Jeanne Juilla






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