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Sam Waagenaar
De echte Mata Hari
Niet Zo Onschuldig .....

Bussum - Van Holkema & Warendorf, 1976
Circle Films Enterprises, California, 1981

184 pages, numerous b&w images;
Dutch language

This is the updated version of Sam Waagenaar's first biography about Mata Hari. He discusses new historic material, especially from a report by Major-General Friedrich Gempp (so called Gempp-report) about the German intelligence during World War I. This report was written between 1928-1944 and after the end of World War II kept in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington, D.C. In the 1970s this report was given back to Germany and is now owned by the Military Archive at Freiburg.
According to these informations, there is now more evidence, that Maragretha Zelle was recruited by the German secret service in 1915 and acted as a spy with the code name "H 21" under supervision of Major Roepell and Captain Hoffmannn. But it is also quite obvious, that she didn't report any really important details to the German intelligence officers. The active role of the head of the German intelligence during World War I, Colonel Walter Nicolai and the mysterious "Fräulein Doktor" ("Mademoiselle Docteur") Elsbeth Schragmüller in recruiting Mata Hari is still controversial. Most sources report, that Colonel Nicolai was not convinced at all about the suitability of Mata Hari for espionage, and he confirmed in his report that she didn't deliver any relevant espionage informations.

Amazingly the book shows a lot more of documents and previously unpublished photographs than the first edition from 1964. So far we found only a Dutch edition.


Sam Waagenaar - De echte Mata Hari





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