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Books: Ochaim / Balk - Varieté-Tänzerinnen um 1900

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Brygida Ochaim, Claudia Balk
Varieté-Tänzerinnen um 1900
Vom Sinnenrausch zur Tanzmoderne

Stroemfeld Verlag, Frankfurt a.M. - Basel, 1998

174 pages; numerous b&w & color images;
German language

This book about an exhibition that took place in Germany in 1998 to 1999 (Munich, Berlin, Leipzig) provides a lot of information about variety dancing during the time of the Belle Epoque. There is further biographical information for several variety dancers, i.e. Maud Allan, Jane Avril, La Goulue, Loïe Fuller, Saharet, Cléo de Mérode, La Belle Otero, Ruth St. Denis, Mata Hari and Olga Desmond.
Besides the good illustrations the book has a comprehensive bibliography and index.


Varieté-Tänzerinnen um 1900


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