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Books: F. Kupferman - Mata Hari - Träume und Lügen

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Fred Kupferman
Mata Hari - Träume und Lügen

Aufbau Taschenbuch-Verlag, 1992

138 pages, no images; German language

(Original French edition:
Mata Hari - Songes et mensonges)

Kupferman's book is a critical and good researched biography about this mysterious and mystified woman, and puts her life into a historical background. After describing Margaretha Zelle's early marriage and life in Java with her husband Rudolf John Mac Leod, followed by her rather short career as the oriental dancer Mata Hari in Europe between 1905 and 1914, Kupferman mainly focusses on the doubtful and naive career of Mata Hari as a spy for the German (Agent H 21) and French secret services during World War I. She was arrested by the French police at Paris in February 1917. A military court declared her guilty for treason. The final chapter discusses her glorification and mystification by the media after her execution on October 15th 1917.



Fred Kupferman - Mata Hari


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