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Books: C. Guigon - Les Cocottes - Reines du Paris 1900

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Catherine Guigon
Les Cocottes - Reines du Paris 1900

Parigramme, Paris 2012

192 pages with numerous color and b&w-images;
French language

This book is an amazing work about the noble courtesans at Paris during the Belle Epoque and it is a highlight in recently published literature about the Belle Epoque women. Already the hard-cover binding is exceptional with a beautiful silky golden cloth. On its 192 pages it displays numerous large format color reproductions of vintage postcards and portraits of Belle Epoque celebrities and courtesans, the so called "cocottes". Next to a large number of other color and black & white photographs it shows plenty of contemporary paintings and caricatures. Biographically the story focusses mainly on five famous women of that time: Emilienne d'Alençon, Liane de Pougy, Carolina Otéro, Mata Hari and Cléo de Mérode. It leads throughout their exciting and sometimes tragic lifes and careers with detailed informations.
Although only available in French language, we highly recommend this book to everyone interested in this topic.
In our opinion, this is the most beautiful book about women of the Belle Epoque.



Les Cocottes - Reines du Paris 1900


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