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Paul Dinnage
La Vie Parisienne

Verlag der Europäischen Bücherei, Bonn 1963
German language

126 pages, 285 b&w images

Original Edition:
The Girls from La Vie Parisienne
Neville Spearman, London


This book is about the Parisian weekly magazine "La Vie Parisienne", whose first issue was published on January 4th 1863 by Emile-Marcelin-Isidore Planet (1825-1887).
"La Vie Parisienne" contained articles and illustrations about fashion, music, theatres, sports and all kinds of curiosities by contemporary writers and illustrators.
After a short introduction by Paul Dinnage, the book shows numerous illustrations from the early decades until the 1920s, documenting the changes in style of the Parisian women. It was especially successful during the time of the Belle Epoque, with the Art Nouveau and Art Deco style, and a more risque, erotic character from 1905 on.
"La Vie Parisienne"survived the time of the World Wars, but finally ceased in 1970. From 1984 on, a magazine with the same name started up again, published until today.



Paul Dinnage - La Vie Parisienne


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