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Andrée Laure Suzanne Marconnier

* January 12th 1884, Paris (France)
† July15th 1937, Versailles (France)

Andrée Marconnier was a dancer of the Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris. Her portraits on Reutlinger postcards show her mostly in very elegant dresses and gorgeous hats. There is almost no information about her artistic career. The only remarkable and reliable fact is her marriage to the famous French surgeon Eugène Louis Doyen (1859-1916) in August 1907. She died in July 1937 and is buried at cemetery Pére Lachaise.

Her extraordinary beauty was also documented in a portrait by contemporary painter Giovanni Boldini in 1910, titled "Portrait of Madame Eugène Doyen".
Boldini is famous for his unique elegant and colourful portrait paintings of celebrities of the Belle Epoque, in example Cléo de Mérode, Sarah Bernhardt, Réjane, or Giuseppe Verdi.




Andrée Marconnier


Boldini-Portrait of Marconnier/Doyen

Portrait of Andrée Marconnier
Giovanni Boldini

Andrée Marconnier

Reutlinger 1010 S.I.P. - Andrée Marconnier

Reutlinger 1340 S.I.P. - Andrée Marconnier

Andrée Marconnier

Reutlinger 1236 S.I.P. - Andrée Marconnier



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