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Lina Cavalieri
(Natalina Cavalieri)

* December 25th 1874, Viterbo (Italy)
† February 7th 1944, Fiesole (Italy)

Lina Cavalieri, an italian soprano, lost her parents at age 15 and toured with a theatrical group after she ran away from a catholic orphanage. Arriving at Paris, she took singing and acting classes at the Comédie Française and performed singing at City Café concerts, variety stages and music halls. After further singing lessons and improving her voice, her debut at the opera was in 1900 at the Teatro Nacional de São Carlos at Lisbon, singing as "Nedda" in Ruggero Leoncavallo's "Pagliacci". Further appearances took place at the opera of Monte Carlo in 1904 and at the Sarah Bernhardt Theatre Paris in 1905, where she joined Enrico Caruso in Umberto Giordano's "Fedora". This collaboration brought her together with Caruso to the Metropolitan Opera New York, debuting there in 1906. She got ensemble member of the Metropolitan Opera for four years. Other stations of her career where the Manhattan Opera House and back in Europe St. Petersburg/Russia and the Ukraine. Her repertoire covered many of the classic famous operas like "La Traviata", "La Boheme", "Rigoletto", "Tosca" and "Carmen". After retiring from opera in 1914, she acted in several silent movies during 1914 to 1920. Returning to Italy, being in her sixties, she worked as a volunteer nurse in World War II and got killed in her house during an Allied bombing attack on February 7th 1944.

Lina Cavalieri was one of the most photographed stars of her time and was considered one of the most beautiful women of the world. In 1955 Robert Z. Leonard directed the movie "Beautiful But Dangerous", also released as "The World's Most Beautiful Woman" with Gina Lollobrigida starring as Lina Cavalieri.
Besides several relationships, Lina Cavalieri was married four times.




Lina Cavalieri



Giovanni Boldini - Lina Cavalieri

Portrait of Lina Cavalieri
by Giovanni Boldini (1842-1931)



  • Fryer, Paul; Usova, Olga
    Lina Cavalieri: The Life of Opera's Greatest Beauty
    Mc Farland & Co Inc., North Carolina (USA) 2004


Lina Cavalieri

Reutlinger 329/7 NPG - Lina Cavalieri

Lina Cavalieri

AL 738 - Lina Cavalieri

Lina Cavalieri

Reutlinger 74/7 NPG - Lina Cavalieri

Lina Cavalieri

Reutlinger Serie 73 No 7 - Lina Cavalieri

Lina Cavalieri

Reutlinger 188/16 S.I.P. - Lina Cavalieri

Lina Cavalieri

Reutlinger S.I.P. Serie 52 No 15 - Lina Cavalieri

Lina Cavalieri

Reutlinger S.I.P. Serie 52 No 19 - Lina Cavalieri

Reutlinger 443/1 NPG - Lina Cavalieri (right)

Lina Cavalieri

RPH (Rotophot) - S - 406 - Queen of Diamonds - Lina Cavalieri



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